Sprout and S-J

This is a Mum and daughter team!  Sprout has grown up with a mother who has a passion for Jeans.  With over 58 pairs of jeans in Mums collection which, since the beginning of the internet she has searched for unusual pre-loved jeans.

It all started when S-J saw an advert in a glossy magazine of some trousers and she thought to herself 'I must have those'.  S-J could not find these anywhere in the UK, to cut a long story short, she eventually found them in Germany. As no one in the UK had these trousers this started her passion for unusual and different Jeans that could not be bought on the high street.

This is where mother and daughter are devoted to finding the best quality and popular denim we can find. Giving you the best shopping experience possible.

They would love you to take a look and browse the shop and if there is anything you would like them to look out for please get in touch and they will try and move heaven and earth to find it!