What makes our jeans different?

Our jeans are all pre-loved, uniques jeans that are hand chosen. Due to this, the jeans displayed on the website are only available in the size that is shown.

Can I request a certain style of jeans that are not on the website?

YES! If you are looking for a particular style or brand of jeans that are not available on the website, please email me to discuss what you are looking for. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to find the exact style of jeans that you may be looking for but I would be more than happy to keep an eye out for some or suggest some similar styles that may be suitable. 

Can you customise a pair of jeans I already own?

YES! I am now taking orders to customise YOUR own jeans. If you have some old jeans that you no longer wear, why not have them distressed and turn them into a completely new pair of jeans! 

To order your own jeans to be distressed, please email me with a picture of your jeans and an image or description of how you would like them customised. The price of this service will vary depending on the customisation. 

All you have to do is send me your jeans, I will distress them in any way you like and send them back to you free of charge!

I have seen a pair of jeans on your website that I love! Would you be able to customise them before you send them?

YES! If you have found a pair of jeans on the website, but feel like they are a bit too ordinary, I would be happy to customise these for you before they are sent. 

There are a number of different ways I am able to customise your jeans. These include, distressing, bleaching, embroidering and even reworking the jeans into a pair of shorts or a skirt. 

If you would like to use this service, please select the type of customisation from the drop down box when you purchase your jeans. You can also add a message to the order with some more specific details about your customisation. 

How long does it take to customise a pair of jeans?

The time of customisation can vary, however, the average time to distress the jeans would be 2-3 days. This does not include the estimated delivery time, meaning you should receive your item within 1 week.

What are the drawstring bags and are they cusomisable?

I am now making drawstring bags which are made from old pairs of pre-loved jeans. These are fully customisable from the colour of the bag all the way to the finishing touches, making this item very personable and a perfect gift.