Make up/Toiletry bag

Make up/Toiletry bag

Makeup/Toiletry bag 

  1. Makeup bag and toiletry mat in one
  2. Drawstring closure
  3. Fully expands to give you a better view of your items
  4. The thing you didn't know you needed 


These bags are all made from pre-loved jeans that have been made in to a long life resusable bags, with lots of deferent uses. 


Personalisation availble below.

If you do not wish to have this item personalised please do not select the number of characters.

Colours may differ as denim can be slightly different colours.

Feel free to email us at about anything we may be able to help with or to answer any of your questions!


As see in picture above Front are shown:-

HANNAH - Arial

JESS          - Bell MT

SOPHIA    - Blackadder ITC


Up to 6 characters can be placed on the lid closure.

Please note: If you desire more characters this will be placed on the main bag above the lid closure, if a short message is required this will be placed on the bottom of the bag.

Please contact the email as listed above with any queries. 



    On personalisation items estimated delivery up to 1 week. High demand near christmas might be slitghly longer but you will resevie a email to say so. 

    Standard Shipping £3.99 UK.

    Spend over £40 and receive free shipping. 


    Please refer to our returns policy page.

    Once persnalised can not be returned.